Homo faber fortunae suae.

Anemometer[ Read the article ]
Description:This project concern the construction of an anemometer to evaluate the installation of a wind turbine. It is made with an Arduino, it is low cost and it's cool!
Tech:C++, Arduino, Eletronics, Physics.

ARP Guard Git repository
Description:This multy platform project is an ARP guard to avoid ARP's men in the middle attacks. It also monitors the local network with MAC vendor name resolution and a map of the network with statistics.
Tech:Java, Unix, Networking

Monitor Git repository
Description:This multi platform user application monitors many kind sources: Thanks object factories there is no limit to sources type and actions upon modification. Currently it monitors RSS, WebPages, FTP folders, ICAL calendars.

WiFi Locator Git repository
Description:This team project consist in an user application developed for windows operative systems. The pourpose of this multithreaded application is to locate the notebook position and make some actions based on the area. Or simply collect statistics. The precision can be selected between high sensivity and low sensivity. With many WiFi broadcaster and high precision the software recognize movements of few meters. Actions are made with factory objects.

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Doctor in Computer Engineering