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CISCO: CCIE Routing and Switching
Description:Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Routing and Switching (CCIE Routing and Switching) certifies the skills required of expert-level network engineers to plan, operate and troubleshoot complex, converged network infrastructure.
Description:IELTS is one of the two major English-language tests in the world, the other being the TOEFL. The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is an international standardised test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. It is jointly managed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, the British Council and IDP Education Pvt Ltd, and was established in 1989.
Description:Cambridge English: Preliminary, also known as Preliminary English Test (PET), is an intermediate level qualification. It shows you are able to use your English language skills for work, study and travel.
Web products:
Booking ( Status: OffLine )

Advanced homes, hotels, flight, etc booking portal. Under development ( 70% ).

Developed in:PHP, MySql, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery UI.

Free portal for the city of "Firenze, Italy". Students and not can post or read free advertisements about single rooms, double rooms, small apartments to rent and more.

Developed in:Developed in PHP, MySql, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery UI.
AffittiUniversitari.com ( Status: In the Todo sink list. ) Maiora premunt

In the Todo sink list. It should be a free portal to rent single rooms, double rooms for students in whole Italy.


All you have to know about wine. I did this multy-language web site with the "Builder" project to study technical progress in the search engines ( at 16 years old ).

Developed in:Auto-generated XHTML W3C and some PHP.
Intranet products:

This is a high advanced self sufficient work managing platform. Advanced techniques of Question Answering and Artificial Intelligence are massively involved. This project took about four years. For security reasons I can't explain further.

Developed in:PHP, MySql, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery UI.
Double entry manager

Double entry manager platform. I use this project to keep my accounting. It has automated procedures, depreciation and all needed tools for a complete reckon of a person or an agency.

Developed in:PHP, MySql, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery UI.
Many kinds of crawlers

Many kinds of crawlers of many kinds and complexities. Main problems are right choices of regular expressions and fast pages lockup.

Developed in:PHP, MySql & OS File System as DB.
Manager of insurance policies

Manager of insurance policies. The agency can manage the entire wallet of clients with all aspects trough a web interface.

Developed in:Mainly in PHP e MySql.

When I was 16 years old I developed a platform to build static XHTML and PHP web sites. The "Builder" had many features like multy-language support, multy-user ( competition access to the "Builder" resolved with an invented version of semaphores. I didn't know what there was. ), etc. One of his products is the web site: www.Tuscany-chianti-wine.com. This was a predecessor of modern site builders which at that time did not yet exist.

Developed in:PHP & OS File System as DB.
Other products:
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Past jobs:
Too many!
  • IT Support Company;
  • Electrician computer networks;
  • Software Developer;
  • Barman ( when I was a teenager );
  • Waiter ( when I was a teenager );
  • Seller ( when I was a teenager ).
[^(Too many)]+
  • Java & Ant;
  • PHP;
  • XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, W3C Standards;
  • Many Google's API;
  • JQuery, JQuery UI;
  • MySql;
  • Apache Web Server;
  • C ( standard use, not advanced )
  • Special skills: Anti hack security skills; Reliability; Efficiency; Security; Maintainability; Modularity.
  • UNIX
  • Office Suites
  • Understandings of computer components interactions thus optimal choice/assembly of computer components.
  • PIC programming
  • Networks configuration and managing;
  • Databases configuration and managing.
Under study
  • Code encryption and scrambling
  • Android developing
  • Frameworks
    • PEAR PHP Framework
    • Zend PHP Framework
  • Internet security

Web developer: Iacopo Gurrieri

Doctor in Computer Engineering