Homo faber fortunae suae.

My Profile:
  • Degree: Doctor in Computer Engineering;
  • Hobbies: everything! But specially sports ( swim ), computers, engineering, science, photography, dogs, cats & girls!;
  • Sports: 5.000 meters of daily swim, 50/100 weekly kilometers by bike.
Actual City:
Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

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4038 meters.


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~ ~ Four thinks about me ~ ~

Passion of Photography

This passion started when I was 6 years old with my father's old camera. I didn't really shot because it was too expensive for a child use non digital cameras. So when I wanted to take a picture I adjusted all parameters as a real photographer does but I did never really take the shot. I really start to make photos when I was 19 years old once I bought a really crappy digital camera. I think it was of the Trust brand. All photo where digital and cost free! After that I bought other two Nikon cameras: a Nikon D60 half frame ( the one in the picture ) and a Nikon D800E full frame. Plus... all the lenses!! :)

Actually I partecipate at many photo shoots with other amateurs and professionals photographers.

Let's swim!

I started to swim when I was a child, I don't remember the age. While I was a teenager I changed a lot of sports ( Judo for 9 years, karate, athletics for 4 years, volleyball, basket, football, tennis for what I remember ). At the majority age I restart to swim. At start I train my self in 25 meters swimming pool of Siena ( SI ) and Rignano sull'Arno ( FI ). Now when I'm in Florence I train with "Firenze Nuota Master" in a 50 meters swimming pool. I try to do my best to swim daily for 1 or two hours. My specialty is long swims: races of 3 km ( 120 pools ) minimum distance. I never swim more then 6.5 km ( 260 pools ).

Almost forgot! My friends say I'm also a nerd!

Well... it's almost embarrassing but all started when I was 5 years old with a "286" computer, my father used it for his work. There was only DOS, windows didn't exist yet. I wanted to play "Loderum" a very old computer game. I started there to learn DOS. In few days I abbandoned the computer game and started to "play" with an office suite; at the time there was only "Works" with a datasheet, database and a write program. After that I started to make some viruses ( old CPUs wasn't protected as modern ones so it was real easy even for a child ). In the meanwhile Microsoft made his first "OS": Windows 3.1. I remember when my ant gave me 7 floppy disks of the new "OS" when I was passing by the Arezzo rail station with a Scouts trip at 8 years old. Aaaah... what a memories! :) The same was when my teenager peers played with all that game consoles: I prefered to play with the WEB that was just born.

Like a snail!

Since I was young I slept away from home. When I grow up I traveled for many reasons: work, studies and a bit of fun! It wouldn't be the first time I leave a city for another; settling in few days at the new place and make new friendships.

Web developer: Iacopo Gurrieri

Doctor in Computer Engineering